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Calprotectin in feces

440 UAH

2-3 day(s)

Stool examination is an source of information about diseases of gastrointestinal tract

The examination of feces is one of the methods of medical research, the purpose of which is augmented picture about the state of your health and the functioning of organs. Practically all the information on the functioning of internal organs can be obtained on the basis of analysis of feces, this is a kind of reflection of the processes that occur in your body.

What should I know about preparing for the test?

This question will be briefly answered in the following several points.
1. Stick to a diet: do not eat too much, give up foods that cause diarrhea or constipation, forget about a beetroot for a few days.
2. Do not take activated charcoal, bismuth, pilocarpine the day before collecting the material.
3. Do not perform radiocontrast x-ray studies 2 days before the test.
4. Do not forget about hygiene. Urine and water should not enter a sample of feces for analysis.
5. Refrain from the test during the menstruation.

Pay attention: the sample for delivery should be received without enemas or laxative materials, because this can affect the composition of the feces.

To obtain an accurate result, try to deliver the sample to the laboratory immediately, during the first hours after collection.

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