Spermogram (only in the point on Yaroslavska street, 5/2, preregistration, brought material)

300 UAH

1 day(s)

Diagnosis of male health

Spermogram test is a medical study suggested by a doctor to determine the fertility of a man. There is an obsessive stereotype in society: if pregnancy does not occur with regular sexual intercourse, then the problem is in the woman’s body. But it isn’t always like that. In this case, both partners are responsible, and spermogram will help to determine possible diseases of the reproductive system of a man.

Microscopic analysis of the eaculate is the basis of the spermogram. It will help to understand, first of all, whether there are many spermatozoa and the mobility is high or not.

Spermogram is a simple and reliable test that does not require complex preparation
Preparation for delivery of the material for the test includes 2 main points:
1. Refrain from ejaculation for at least 4 days,
2. Refuse alcohol, strong drugs, as well as hot sauna and even hot bath

The World Health Organization recognized masturbation as the most appropriate method for collecting sperm for spermogram.

Spermogram test in Kiev is possible to be performed in the medical NIKOLAB laboratory. Contact the specialists to find out all the information about the state of your male health.