Trusting in the innovation technology,
multiplied by professionalism and experience,
you can be sure of the analysis results reliability!

We are glad to welcome you on the official site of the medical laboratory NIKOLAB!

NIKOLAB is a multi-profiled diagnostic laboratory. We perform a wide range of tests of all biological fluids (blood, urine, liquor, feces and other analytes). The list of tests includes more than 500 items in the field of hematology, biochemistry, hemostasis, infection tests, hormones, parasites, bacteriological studies, DNA research (PCR), allergen analysis and many other parameters. Most of the results are ready on the day when the material is delivered, and it proves our efficiency.

An essential condition for the work of our laboratory is the quality of the test execution. The outcome of the analysis depends on the outcome of treatment, and when it is about health, there cannot be any compromises!

The confidentiality is guaranteed through the use of secure software, which received the best feedbacks in the European medical community.

Passing medical tests at our laboratory you can be sure of safety, since we use only sterile disposable systems.

We provide affordable prices for tests thanks to direct cooperation with foreign equipment manufacturers. The laboratory of NIKOLAB belongs to IMMERTEK group of companies, which has more than 10 years of experience in the supply of equipment and consumables, qualified service and training.

The medical laboratory of NIKOLAB confidently gained a leading position in the rating of laboratories in Kiev and the region due to reliable tests results, high-quality service in comfortable conditions and many additional services like  tests sampling  at home, sending results via e-mail, loyalty program for regular customers and discounts for children, pensioners, disabled people.

The certified laboratory NIKOLAB meets the highest requirements, and is guided by the current legal acts of Ukraine in the organization of its activities.

We will be glad to see you in the laboratory of NIKOLAB, where you can pass medical tests for all parameters in quick, efficient, inexpensive way!