1. Preliminary record is not needed, we accept customers in the order of queue at all points!

  2. Regardless of the point, the test takes from 5 to 15 minutes. Our staff works quickly. We do not have queues. The presence of a referral from a doctor may slightly accelerate the process of registration.

  3. You can get acquainted with prices in the section “Price” or by clicking the link. The prices on our website are always up-to-date. In addition (one-time) a fee is charged for the sampling of biological material.

  4. We update the information on the website in time. Whenever you visit our official page – you will always see the current prices!

  5. Our doctors advise only doctors, clients are consulted only in emergency situations. For recommendations you should contact your family doctor or a profile specialist.

  6. You can get the results of the analysis by e-mail. For this, you must specify your email address when registering. After the readiness of all the results for your order, they will come to your email address. Printed analyzes can be got at any of our departments.

  7. automatic sending to the mail occurs. All forms are generated in PDF format. Correct display of this format is guaranteed in the Adobe program. You can download it for free from the official website https://get.adobe.com/ru/reader/

    Displaying the results in other programs and mobile devices is not guaranteed. Also, you can get the results in hard copy at any of the points.

  8. You need to make sure that you have correctly specified the e-mail address; you can do it yourself on the order form that you received at the time of registration. Also, check the spam folder. We strive for the fastest execution of all tests, but except the speed, priority and the main thing is the accuracy of the output.

  9. A laboratory study is just one of the stages of a diagnostic process, and a single result is not a sufficient basis for the diagnosis. Correct interpretation should be performed only by a qualified doctor who will take into account the history, examination, additional laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods, interfering factors.

  10. A container for test, or rather a sterile container for urine, feces, and sperm can be purchased at any of our departments or in a pharmacy. The cost of such a container is 10 UAH.

  11. We do not track prices of tests at other laboratories. Our prices are formed on the basis of cost and profitability. The price of the test is not a criterion for the quality. Regardless of the price, you get a reliable result.

  12. After eating, the level of fat decay products increases in the blood, and that can affect the result of the test or in general leads to the inability to study. Therefore, it is desirable to donate blood on an empty stomach or with a hungry pause 4-6 hours.

  13. The test results may differ due to the difference in methods, equipment, time of delivery and storage conditions. It is worth noting that different laboratories can use different units of measurement. In this case, although the indicators will differ, the results of the tests may be the same.

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